Judge Ian Reveals What He Will Do With Your Opinion

October 30, 2013

Tusker Project Fame no nonsense judge, Ian Mbugua has been called everything from harsh, pathetic, arrogant, etc.
His Facebook page is especially the place where most of the action takes place.

Now, Ian has revealed what he plans to do with your insults, advice and criticism. You guessed right…. nothing.
Perhaps if you’ve always seen him as arrogant, this is the evidence you need to drive the point home.
Last night he made this post on Facebook.

Thank you all for your praise, criticism, advice, insults, albeit unsolicited. I have noted everything and plan to do nothing about it all:-)

Despite that revelation, two hundred and fifty people commented on the post, spitting more advice, criticism and even insults… it’s like they never read the post.
Perhaps this would have been more effective.

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