Makau Mutua: Gay Marriage Will Be Legal in Kenya in 10 Years

July 18, 2013

Controversial Sunday Nation columnist, Makau Mutua, who is also the dean at SUNY Buffalo Law School in New York, has added his voice on the issue of gay marriages.

Makau Mutua has always been pro-gay rights and was yesterday one of those rejoicing after Queen Elizabeth legalized gay marriages in Britain. This was his tweet.

Huge victory as gay marriage becomes legal in Britain

The professor did not stop there. He then made this prediction.

I predict that in just TEN years, gay marriage will become legal in Kenya — as in South Africa, Europe, and many US states.
— Prof Makau Mutua (@makaumutua) July 17, 2013

Only time will tell if he’s right. 2023 is the year.
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