Shameless Kenyans Cyber Bully Miss Kenya 2013, Wangui Gitonga, Because of Her Looks

July 18, 2013

Wangui Gitonga, who was on Friday declared Miss Kenya 2013, was yesterday under attack on Twitter. 
Many of those commenting were not okay she was named winner, while others wondered if there weren’t any better option.

Just like Linda Nyangweso before her, Wangui was subjected to ridicule, mostly due to her physical features.
It’s unfortunate how Kenyans find solace in bullying others.

Below are some of those comments, with the respective username. If yours is here, be very ashamed of yourself.

Miss Kenya is quite hot especially if you haven’t seen her yet. – @Masaku_

Is it only me that thinks miss Kenya looks like Martha Karua” – @misskenya254

Ukipatana na #misskenya uko like ahoye miss beaver – @babu_ni_mimi

Watu wawache kudiss Miss Kenya bana ju c yeye alijichagua…………….. Alichaguliwa!!! – @MungaiAlvin

Miss Kenya’s front teeth are big enough to move out and start a life on their own” lmao!!! – @masaku_

Miss Kenya to act Vampire diaries.”” – @juvin_ndoli

U guys stop dissin #Miss_Kenya..she is handsome oh sory, she’s beautiful – @_muia_

RT @uberfacts: #MissKenya is the sister to Suarez” – @VinKibet

After seeing Miss Kenya KNUT has seen we have bigger issues and called off the strike – @sickolia_

I won’t make fun of miss kenya for my safety i’m sure she’s armed to teeth – @masaku_

At this rate Eric Omondi might contest for miss Kenya next year and win. – @Masaku_

Miss Kenya is just a Madowo with a long hair. – @Masaku_

We have already lost it that’s Miss Tanzania and our own beat down Miss Kenya SMH…Arghhh  – @JoeWMuchiri

Hey girl a you a model? coz you look like miss kenya – @marieavisinwa

Miss kenya kweli amemiss urembo!” – @PatOski_

Miss Kenya is actually very beautiful,,,on a scale of Sudan to China – @kristin_gits

Finally nimeget kuona pics za #misskenya…fearfully and wonderfully made. – @hellen_akoth

I thought the scariest and most dangerous thing in life is walking in Githu with a laptop until i saw the teeth of Miss Kenya – @MURCHISMO

Huyo Miss kenya lazima amefika meno_pause – @njiiru

I guess Meno za Miss Kenya ziko na Stretchmarks. – @Ambani_Saka

Miss Kenya be like “come closer I don’t bite” – @_rizzete

So we’ve chosen Martha Karua to be miss Kenya? Aaight.”” lmao! – @Mwass_

Sawa Animal Rights Activists.RT @HarryzonJayugah: You are a cunt if you are hating on Miss
Kenya – @Ambani_Saka

Stop hating on miss Kenya’s teeth, hizo jokes zinauma – @Masaku_

Miss Kenya looks like Octopizzo (._.) – @IshaDiana

Kama c IEBC walirun io voting process ya miss kenya, cjui – @a_gicheru

Miss Kenya akikuback Bite unapelekwa Surgery -@AliQuqiiz

Miss Kenya hutema mate na straw.” -@juvin_ndoli

Miss Kenya anafaa tu aume vako, it shouldn’t be so hard. lol – @MoeMaina

Miss Kenya ain’t even tall. She’s long  – @_rizzete

Meno za Miss Kenya zilichapwa exile na ulimi. – @Masaku_

Miss Kenya, Tupac coincidence? – @Masaku_

Miss kenya walked into Sossion’s office and threatened to smile if he won’t end the strike”” – @Masaku_

Sasa huyu Miss Kenya akienda compe ya Miss World, atakua kama Tahiti kwa confed. – @MarcTanui

Ruto can even negotiate & get us a better miss kenya 2013. – @Njiiru

But then a few had some sense.

Are some of us so miserable and live pathetic useless lives that we find solace in abusing our own miss kenya?really?really? – @enock_justice

Unless you can create a human being ,no human being has the power to call another ugly. # MissKenya #StopBullying
— Imelda Kamau (@imelda_shiku) July 17, 2013

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