Kenyans Reactions To News That Willy Paul Has a 12 Year Old ‘Mupenzi’

July 11, 2013

Yesterday, Willy Paul was on the receiving end on social media courtesy of a story on Ghafla, that accused him of having a love affair with a 12 year old girl.
Apparently, the young girl, who is a KCPE candidate, was expelled after teachers learnt of the relationship.
Willy Paul has not responded to the allegations yet.

These are some of the comments from Twitter.

This Willy Paul character should marry a Kardashian ako na madrama mingi WAH! – @ianstinson66

I guess we can now conclude that willy paul has a small dick. All rise! – @QymThaReal

Lakini Willy Paul is the Kimemia of Gospel musicians Ma scandals tu. – @Am_charlie

C’mon guyz. Willy Paul was just looking for a wife. – @Zjstarbwoy

Why are pple judging Willy Paul guy thot he was 17years!! – @Nyaduse89

I bet Willy paul told the kid “naingiza kichwa tu aki hutolia” – @masaku_

WILLY PAUL (Noun): A kenyan artist who’s about to go from (.) to (O) –  @masaku_

But that Willy Paul scandal, no way, that’s just one side to that story., – @Richard_Munga

I don’t condone Willy Paul’s act, give the young boy a break, he’s also below 18 yrs. – @LeDadie

Willy paul is Illuminaughty. – @kenmbachua

Willy paul aliangalia madame wote akacheki class 8 ndio anaweza. I blame the knut strike. – @tIM_gOOneR

willy paul role model is micheal jackson… – @kibsj

“Hi i’m paul, don’t worry I’ll give you the willy later” -Willy paul addressing kids”HAHA –  @masaku_

I know Willy Paul gonna kill me buh lemme finish…”Jail twasija” – @vinnykipxHD

Willy Paul ajue akidrop soap prison atalia na jicho moja.” – @masaku_ 

Poor willy paul…talent takes you to the king..chatacter keeps you there” – @LeViyerrah 

UPDATE: In an earlier version, we had indicated the girl is a KCSE candidate, when its actually KCPE. Apologies for any inconveniences. 
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