How To Take Care of a Kenyan Wife

July 11, 2013

1) Appreciate her awful cooking. Never eat nyama choma to your fill. Leave some space for her ‘superb’ food

2) When she nags give her 110% attention

3) Always keep in mind she has a fabulous figure. Avoid words like fat, pig, short and black. These words cannot be used in the same sentence with a woman.

4) Embrace her relatives and make sure none of ur relatives puts up at your place

5) Hug her and kiss and ask if she is okay. If she keeps quiet give her your ATM and Pin No.

6)Soccer must never interrupt Soap Operas even if it is a cup final

7) Take notes during the Soaps and act and behave like the lead actors

8)Keep all your Saturdays free in case she wants you to accompany her to the salon or take her shopping

9)Take her, her relatives and friends out. Your money must never be used on your boys and relatives. Mentioning them can spoil an otherwise good day

10)Make her a signatory to all your bank accounts and do not ask her about hers. And/ Or accounts will enhance her love to you.

11) When you receive your payslip rush it to her so that she can budget for the family

12) Late in the night when she says she has a headache, do not try to be clever and offer her Panadol. ACCEPT AND MOVE ON..

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