EXCLUSIVE – Chris Kirubi Refuses To Shake Photographer’s Hand (VIDEO)

July 18, 2013

In perhaps his best documented act of arrogance, billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi is in this video seen snubbing photographer Allan Gichigi.
This was during an event not specified in the video.

Allan had his hand outstretched, but Kirubi just looked at it and passed by. A ‘disgruntled’ Allan happened to get a hand on the clip and posted it on YouTube with the title, ‘Chris Kirubi snubs photographer.’

Here it is.

UPDATE: Allan has clarified what exactly happened. 

“hehehe its ok, it was very embarrassing at the time. The other bit that is not captured in the video is that he turns and smiles for a photo. I had a studio setup so the girl is telling him where to stand and what to hold.” he said

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