Facebook Launches Verified Pages.. And Immediately Verifies Uhuru Kenyatta’s Page

May 31, 2013
Spot the little blue mark?

President Uhuru Kenyatta has become the first Kenyan to have a verified Facebook page, just one day after the internet giant launched them. 

The latest move by Facebook is set to crack down on hundreds of fake pages, most established to impersonate public personalities. Kenya’s journalists have particularly been hit hard.
Just like Twitter, Facebook’s verified pages will display a small blue check mark beside their owner’s name. This will both be on the search button and on the page itself. 

Verified mark on search results

Facebook criteria of verification is not clear, but there are reports that it involves a phone call from the California based company. 

Uhuru, despite him having only the second most liked page in Kenya after KTN Kenya, has been chosen to have the first verified page in the country. 
Facebook started rolling out the verified pages on Wednesday, and are targeting public figures with large audiences, namely, celebrities, government officials, popular brands and some journalists.

President Kenyatta already verified on Twitter

Already, Kenya has several verified Twitter accounts, including President Kenyatta’s, Martha Karua’s and journalist Larry Madowo’s. 
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