10 Things You Didn’t Know About Artist DNA

May 20, 2013

1. As a child growing up, he dreamt of becoming an inventor – a dream he says he is still working on.

2. He can’t stand horror movies. However, he can watch any other type of movie including chick flicks!

3. He does not like people who think it is classy to say that they do not know Kenyan music or artistes.

4. He describes his music as sauti ya mwananchi music.

5. He is a bit of a recluse who likes thinking quietly in his free time.

6. He is happily married and is now a father to one.

7. He is left handed.

8. He was part of a music group called PND Harmony, made up of Dabz, Nare and himself.

9. He went to two high schools: Nairobi School and Kareng’ata High.

10. To help get psyched up right before getting on stage, he usually sleeps.
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