Why Obama Will Skip Kenya – Hilarious Tweets

May 20, 2013

We now know that Obama will never visit Kenya as president, but the reasons will always be a matter of speculation. Here’s what Kenyans on Twitter think might be the reason Obama has snubbed Kenya.

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya He won’t get per diems. No one gets allowances when going home.

#whyobamawillskipkenya coz our prezzo got more mulla, more kids, more swag and smokes more kush than him.

He cant stand china roads they are too way smooth for his motorcade #WhyObamaWillSkipKenya

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya hehe their family dog heard about mombasa

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya because he’s afraid @DanielOwira will ask to be adopted by him. Bazinga!!

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya anasema ocha kunabore

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya His brother Malik Obama lost the Siaya gibermatorial election.

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya They don’t want their family cat kutumbukizwa kwa mtungi donge!

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya He don’t visit a country that its Secretary Union of workers has his own private solders.

#WhyObamaWillskipKenya Our prezo thinks of Economic Growth, Peace & ICC while Obama thinks Gay rights, Abortion and War(N.korea)..

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya Coz of funny signs like USIKOJOE HAPA * american accent*

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya hataki kuimba ” Started from the bottom now we here “

 #WhyObamaWillSkipKenya every Luo from Nyanza wil start telling him how they used to wipe his father’s tears

He is on a tour…nobody tours their own backyards

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya and 52 other countries…How do you visit everyone in a span of 3 days???

Because Uhuru and Ruto skipped the US in their tours of UK and Africa

#WhyObamaWillSkipKenya we have a Vice President who gets Tantrums and cries

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