Lil Wayne Gets 666 Tattooed On His Neck

January 10, 2012
If you are a conspiracy theorist, you will love this. MTO reports that Lil Wayne got a 999 tattooed on his neck. That part of the story is true and in fact they got a picture to prove it. It is claimed that he did that in honour of  presidential hopeful Herman Cain. Herman Cain is the guy who was doing so well in the republican opinion polls and many thought he would be the perfect choice to take on Obama since he is also black. That was until numerous sex scandals made him pull out of the race.

Back to the tattoo thing. Tilting Lil Wayne will clearly show you it is 666. That is logic and it is a fact. If he loves Herman Cain so much, why not just tattoo the name instead of some number that is associated with the devil.

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