Humour - Page 186

Funny Or Die? Amazing Video.

There are hundreds of funny cat videos out there. Most of which are visually or musically manipulated. This funny video however is in its
May 11, 2012

Light Tuesday. Funny Pics.

Here is something for your evening. A collection of funny pictures.  If you thought Nairobi was bad. Too bad Newcastle won Raila gets a
May 8, 2012

Gitobu Imanyara Photoshopped.

Facing Mount Kenya. Gitobu Imanyara has been undeniably pro-reformist since Moi’s time. He is known to speak for the law and has on occasions
April 19, 2012

Did You See That?.

This is a bonus picture for the day.  If you are a man, you most probably didn’t notice King Kong in the picture. ©
April 4, 2012