English Names And Their Meanings In Different Kenyan Tribes.. (Hilarious)

January 30, 2013

1. Marijuana is a drug but to Kikuyus, it also means ‘They know each other’

2. The Hobbit is a movie but to the Kambas, it is a chewing gum

3. Federer is a tennis player but to Kikuyus, it also means Flag

4. Yana is a tyre brand but to Kambas its Yesterday.

5. Ukali means Harshness but to Luhyas is food {ugali}

6. Sota is being broke but to the Luhyas it’s a beverage

7. Do this is english but to kiuks it means many motobike {duth is}

8. Mascara is a make up but to Luhyas is cigarettes.

9. Paper is a writing material but to Kisiis its to carry {beba}

10. Parrot to Luhyas is not only a bird,but a thing that we will use on march 4th election {ballot}

11. Chuka may be a place in Meru but in Nyeri it also means ‘to alight’

12. Joyce is not only a female name to Kalenjins it’s an option {choice}.

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