List of Poorly Done KCPE 2012 Questions (Hilarious)

January 28, 2013

By Kenyans on Twitter
Calculate the number of times #Waititu says first and foremost in an interview

Who died for our sins »»»Jexux”

The people of Odhaya __________________ Mary Wamboi A) Erected B) Elected

Calculate the number of times sonko told “maggie” n “belinda”,”I love u.

For 20 marks, explain why son to #Waititu was named Yao

What is the probability that waiganjo will impersonate the minister of education and announce the kcpe results.

Which forces hold sodium and chlorine together? (A) KDF (B)Dark forces (C)Moi forces (D)James Bond

What is not found on top of mt.kenya 1.federer 2. Bendera

Who is the third first lady of Kenya A).Mary Wambui B).Lucy Kibaki

In Othaya.. What Do you call a lady who loves money___? A)Money Rover B) Money Lover”

Apart from Kalonzo, how many more types of watermelons do you know of?” <<<

Explain the abbreviations (a) LQTM 1mk (b) ROTFLMAO 1mk (c) COTU 3mks (d) UNESCO 4mks

Kisumu residents, What is found in Lake Victoria? A) Fish B) Fis?

Write a composition starting with the following words “Ni kama Ndrama, vindeo…”

Choose the correct sentence A. Xaxa xwity xai mixx u lyk cwaizy B.bauss kuchoka nayo c. Mpiga ngumi ukuta ni sonko

Which of the following is the best cement? A)Bamburi Cement B)Blue triangle C)Athi River cement D)Simiti Vidyarthi  

How did StephenKalonzoMusyoka vote in 2010 constitution referendum? A.Yes B.No C.Yes/No D.tihihihi

Calculate the probability of Ole__kiyapi swallowing unchewed pieces of maize.

Punctuate:njoroge was puttin breath on leg of his bycicle when mary gave him goodbye

Convert Wanijru’s °c to Fahrenheit.

Calculate the rate at which Kalonzo makes decisions…..

With enough evidence, discuss how Mudavadi relates to Messi?!

Weka sentensi ifwatayo katika mukhtadha. “the people of othaya they knows me!”

“the erections were hard but I came on top”,who said this words?A)Mary Waboi B)Miguna Miguna

Kiswahili in kisumu kanusha otieno anapenda samaki.. ans… eeeh otieno anapenda samaki  

Discuss how long Wamalwa takes to smell a rat. 

Baada ya kura,Anyang’ Nyong’o aliona siku______? A) Ndefu B) Ndevu

Based on ua opinion,whom do you think Raila-if he is president- wil appoint as Kenya’s ambassador to the Netherlands

Which of this is not a real Italy Mafia. A. Mafia El concordi b. Mafia Bruno C. Mafia Roma D. Mafia Kuku

Calculate the probability of running Kenya from The Hague via Skype

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