Dr.Otieno’s Son Receives KCPE Results Via SMS on a Nokia (Hilarious)

February 4, 2013
Onyango: Daddy,results are here!

Dr.Otieno: Good.What do you have in
family affairs?

Onyango:Whats that?

Dr.Otieno: Mathematics bwana!

Onyango: A

Dr.Otieno: Good!What about rocket

Onyango: Whats that?

Dr.Otieno: Oswayo yawa!Kiswahili!

Onyango: A

Dr.Otieno: Perfect.And sosial stadis?

Onyango: A

Dr.Otieno: Exellent!And mother

Onyango: Daddy whats that?

Dr.Otieno: English yawa!Magitang’o

Onyango: A minus

Dr.Otieno: Menthylated siprit! Bloody Tom Mboya
pointing at ambassada instead of Hilton!Guok!
How dare you menson A minus in
this domicilliary!What phone did you send the sms

Onyango: Nokia

Dr.Otieno: Okinee!

Stupid!Tumia hii iphone 5 ama samsung galaxy s3!

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