Open Letter To Mwalimu Abduba Dida

February 12, 2013

Asaleem Aleikhum,

When You first announced your candidature~~through a T.V interview, not even a public rally~I immidiately dismissed You as a cheap, pot-induced fame-seeker. I even alluded that You must have smoked too much Marijuana and that Your head needed urgent examination!

We saw Kingwa Kamenchu and her Underwear antics,We saw Joseph Hellon and his God’s Finger antics and We saw Esther Arunga and her Quincy Matimba-lake antics AND therefore WE JUDGED YOU even before We knew You! We thought You were just like them! We thought you were as insane as them! BUT:

Unlike them, You stood Your ground! Unlike them, You fought to the End! Unlike them, You did not drop out of the race! Unlike them, You stuck to your word and Unlike them, You paid the compulsory K$h.200,000 fee to the IEBC!

I watched the debate Yesterday! And I watched You speak! My, Oh, My! What a knowledgeable man! What a sober Man! What a practical man! You appeared sober, maverick, pragmatic, real, in-touch, hilarious, religious and humorous AT THE SAME TIME!


You spoke! You joked! You debated and You Inspired!

Because Of You, I regained my faith in Myself and My abilities!

Because Of You, I knew that NOTHING is Impossible!

Because of You, I started believing in Myself more and more!

Because of You, I found the hero in Me!

Because Of You, I learnt that We should NEVER GIVE UP!

You taught Us to believe in Ourselves…You taught Us that it’s never too late to make an impact…You taught Us to follow our dreams…You taught Us to stand tall…You taught Us that we are NEVER too small for any challenge! You taught Us that even though Our religion/tribe may be a minority, WE should REFUSE to be Ignored! Boy, You truly taught Us!

Thank you For Debating!

Thank you For facing the Giants!

Thank you for Making Us laugh out loud!

Thank you for being real, true, sincere, courageous, brave, trustworthy and HONEST!

Above All,


I saw a hero in You, Not just a funny Man!

While others were busy debating, while others were busy boring Us, YOU, DIDA, were busy motivating Us, Inspiring Us, cracking Us Up and Educating Us!

You were the STAR of the Night.

May You STAR shine Forever and Ever!


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