Suzanna Owiyo Tries To Sell Harpic To PLO Lumumba (Hilarious)

January 24, 2013

PLO: (opening the door) Shalom visitor? Am of the opinion, without any shadow of a doubt, that your generic name is Suzanna and your specific name is Owiyo? Do you second that opinion?

Suzanna; Yeah..

PLO; Eureka! In his book ‘fathoms of justice’, Oyedepo Oluchemi verbosed a literary adage-you don’t interrogate acquaintances at your door, i agree. Please, grace the internals of my humble domiciliary…

Suzanna; Thank you

PLO; What can i get you? my domestic bar is blessed with assorted beverages of sufficient, negligible or nil alcoholic content.
All you have to do is excommunicate the plea from your mouth.

Suzanna; No thank you, actually i brought you something. Have you ever used harpic?

PLO; Your question is bereft of precision in ideology. And ooh i repeat to you just like Moses of old to the hard-hearted pharaoh, you cannot respond to a plasmodium carrying insect bite with a sledge hummer. And
therefore i poise, are you orienting to the detoxifiers in my lavatory?

Suzanna; Yes, your toilet.

PLO: Well nay, i havent prejudiced your product’s competitors to the advantage of harpic(havent used

Suzanna; uhm okay! Meaning you haven’t used it?

PLO; precisely, but i wouldnt mind its usage.

Suzanna; Can I see your toilet?

PLO; Probable…

Suzanna; Well with harpic, all you have to do is…………

(10min later)

PLO; hmm I haven’t laid my visuals on such instantaneous detoxifying capabilities since time immemorial. Oooh the forest may change but the monkey of old nay! I have individuals in this house with severe bowel incontinence, we will thus embrace harpic…

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