Pastor Dorcas to Graduate 1,200 Reformed Addicts

June 11, 2024

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi’s office is preparing to graduate 1,200 individuals who have completed rehabilitation programs in various parts of the country.

This cohort includes over 207 individuals who have undergone rehabilitation in Bomet County, and another group of 66 from Mombasa County. Additionally, more than 400 others are undergoing rehabilitation in facilities located in Embu and Meru counties.

Speaking at the Full Gospel Church of Kenya during a church service in Chemose, Nandi County, Pastor Dorcas praised the men who voluntarily enrolled in the rehabilitation facilities.

“We will be graduating 1,200 individuals who have completed inpatient rehabilitation, including 207 from Bomet and 66 from Mombasa, among others,” Pastor Dorcas stated.

She urged clergy members to open their places of worship for the rehabilitation and empowerment of individuals struggling with alcoholism, drug, and substance abuse.

Nandi County leaders, led by Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei, pledged their support to Pastor Dorcas in her efforts to uplift the boy child.

“We need fathers to be present and serve as role models to our boys. This is one of the reasons why we are facing some of the challenges we encounter,” stated Deputy Governor Dr. Mitei.

Tinderet MP Julius Melly also commended the efforts to support the boy child, emphasizing the importance of empowering both genders for the development of strong and stable communities.

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