Jahmby Koikai’s Hilarious Question to G Money When They First Met in 2008

June 5, 2024

The Kenyan entertainment industry, particularly the reggae fraternity, continues to mourn the loss of one of Kenya’s top reggae and dancehall connoisseurs, Mary Njambi Koikai.

Known affectionately as Fyah Mummah Jahmby Koikai, the media personality passed away on Monday around 9 pm while receiving treatment in the Nairobi Hospital ICU.

As tributes continue to pour in, one of her close friends and fellow reggae ambassador, G Money(born Conrad Gray) shared a story of their first encounter.

The year was 2018. It was during the early day of Homeboyz radio along Baricho Road in Nairobi, where G Money was buying a snack while Jahmby was filming.

As told by G-Money, Jahmby approached him and expressed surprise that the London-born DJ with Jamaican roots was eating from a local kiosk.

“I met @jahmbykoikai at a Kiosk on Baricho Road just by @homeboyzradio’s very first studio. I was buying some Marble cake from Amunga, the kiosk owner .. she came over and said “G Money?” – I said “Yes” and she burst out laughing … “you’re eating from a kiosk?” – She laughed and said “I can’t believe it” – She was filming some stuff, I can’t remember what but our friendship was born at Amunga’s kiosk in 2008,” G-Money reminisced.

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The radio presenter described his friendship with Jahmby as genuine.

“She was my friend, the type that made random phone calls “G, just checking on you” – even when I forgot to call, those calls kept coming. That’s who she was. Her love for the culture, her love for the culture that I grew up within was unmatched. We spent afternoons playing 7-inch reggae and dancehall vinyls at your crib before the monster that is endometriosis decided to pick on you. You fought like the warrior you were. Warriors don’t die,” G said.

He mourned, “I’ve shed a tear today, I won’t lie, because you were a real one. You were my friend. All I know is that you’re reunited with your Grandmothers today and the pain stops now. Thank you for blessing me with real and genuine friendship. The tears are flowing now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Walk good my friend, hug grandma, both of them and just know you are loved Njambi. ❤️ 🙏🏿 🕊️”

Endo Warrior

Jahmby Koikai died a warrior, having battled Thoracic Endometriosis for 25 years. The rare and painful form of endometriosis would cause her lungs to collapse regularly, necessitating over 20 surgeries.

She fought endometriosis since she was 13 before she was admitted to a hospital in Atlanta, U.S. for specialized treatment in February 2018. It took her 17 years to get a correct diagnosis due to the lack of healthcare facilities specializing in endometriosis treatment in the country.

The grueling battle with the disease also came at a huge cost, requiring the reggae MC to call on well-wishers, including top Kenyan leaders, to donate to her medical fund.

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Just three days before her passing, Jahmby Koikai had appealed for blood donations.

The Endo warrior and advocate had also taken to her socials to make a plea to Kenyan leaders on May 20th, 2024, particularly President William Ruto who was visiting the US, urging him to consider investing in healthcare facilities specializing in endometriosis treatment.

Koikai’s final message was a call to action, raising awareness for Kenyan women suffering from Endometriosis in silence. She urged President Ruto to visit specific healthcare facilities in the US specializing in endometriosis treatment during his visit.

“Atlanta, Georgia is a dream city for every young girl and woman who has ever battled this horrific disease called Endometriosis. Therein lies a centre dedicated to restoring the lives of young girls and women who are crippled by this disease. The @centerforendocareEndometriosis is tissue similar to the lining of the uterus growing on other organs. In simple terms, ni wakati tunapopata hedhi, ama periods, we shed the lining of the uterus. Unfortunately, with Endometriosis that lining grows on other parts of the body. In my case that lining grew on my lungs, causing my lungs to collapse every month and countless number of surgeries. It took me 17 years to get a diagnosis,” she wrote.

Adding, “I write out of desperation for the hundreds of young girls in need of specialised treatment and surgery to alleviate the years of pain, loss of blood, loss of body function, and loss of our careers, dreams and goals.”


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