Euro 2024: Anticipated Match-Ups Next Round

June 25, 2024

Football fans are filled with increasing anticipation as the UEFA Euro 2024 hits full stride. This year’s tournament has been a crazy ride so far! Many of the teams have shown their dominance on the pitch, positioning themselves as potential hoisters of the Henri Delaunay Trophy.

The Group Phase has been completed, and we are left with the best of the best. The knockout stage will be characterized by some interesting fixtures and some possible surprises.

Group Stage Highlights

The Euro 2024 Group Stage has given fans multiple memorable moments already. Germany is a formidable force in the competition, and so is Switzerland, Spain, and England, which are at the top of their respective groups. These teams have shown talent, planning, and tenacity, which puts them in good stead as the competition moves to the knockout stage.

Germany has piled on seven points, presenting a formidable defense and a potent offense. Spain and Italy, the leaders of Group B, also responded to great expectations and produced their best football when it counted the most. England emerges as a favorite once more (Group C) with a lovely-to-watch mix of young talent and experienced veterans.

Games on the horizon & Possible shake-ups

Looking ahead to the fixtures throughout the week, some nail-biting matches will be seen. We also have a few with the possibility of producing an upset that could change the shape of the tournament.

Monday, 24th June:

  • Albania vs. Spain (20:00)
  • Croatia vs. Italy (20:00)

Tuesday, 25th June:

  • France vs. Poland (17:00)
  • Netherlands vs. Austria (17:00)
  • Denmark vs. Serbia (20:00)
  • England vs. Slovenia (20:00)

Wednesday, 26th June:

  • Slovakia vs. Romania (17:00)
  • Ukraine vs. Belgium (17:00)
  • Czech Republic vs. Turkey (20:00)
  • Georgia vs. Portugal (20:00)

Saturday, 29th June:

  • Switzerland vs. Group B Second Place (17:00)
  • Germany vs. Group C Second Place (20:00)

Sunday, 30th June:

  • Group C Winner vs. Third Place Group D/E/F (17:00)
  • Spain vs. Third Place Group A/D/E/F (20:00)

One of the most anticipated matches is Germany vs. the second-place team from Group C. Germany has shown formidable form, but the knockout stage often brings unexpected challenges. The potential upset could come from Denmark vs. Serbia, where Serbia’s dynamic attack might outmaneuver Denmark’s defense.

Odds and Predictions

According to the betting odds offered for Euro 2024, the French team stands as the favorite, with 4/1 odds. Germany is next at 9/2, and England and Spain have the same odds of 5/1. These odds show us how these teams have played and reveal their strength and flexibility.

As anyone who watches football can tell you, the game is rarely dull. France and Germany are clear favorites, but the latter stages could see shocks from teams such as Belgium and Portugal, who can cause upsets and reach the later stages of the competition.

The role of key players

Of course, the results of these matches will largely depend on the individual accomplishments of particular players. Alvaro Morata and Pedri will be instrumental in Spain’s unlocking the Albanian defense line. Italy hopes to utilize Federico Chiesa and Jorginho to penetrate the Croatian midfield and defense.

In the France and Poland match, the fans will expect Kylian Mbappe to score a goal for his team as he has in previous matches, and for Poland, the most attacking talent will come from Robert Lewandowski. The match between the Netherlands and Austria will be a test between Memphis Depay and David Alaba, two crucial players for their respective sides.

In the same way, England will rely on Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka to break the Slovenian defence.

At the same time, Serbia will depend on captain Aleksandar Mitrovic to score for his team against Denmark. With these star players on the field, their performance determines the outcome of the games to the advantage of their teams, making each match a spectacle to watch.


Possible Tactical Battles

The day-to-day tactical battles on the pitch will also be interesting to observe. The managers must be at their best strategic performances with correct substitutions and other tactical changes to overcome the opponents.

For example, Italian coach Roberto Mancini might apply high pressure to break Croatia’s tactical formation. In contrast, Danish coach Kasper Hjulmand might strengthen his backline against Serbia’s attacking prowess.


France’s Didier Deschamps should maintain a balanced formation to keep his side organized and tight at the back but take advantage of the leakage in the Polish defense. England’s manager, Gareth Southgate, who is more of a defensive-minded tactician, might be forced to take a more attacking approach to score an early goal and possibly dominate the match.


The Element of Surprise

A certain level of unpredictability also characterizes the knockout stage. Many teams that may not have drawn much attention during the group stages often explode into action in the knockout stages. That is why tournaments such as Euro 2024 are so interesting: Nobody can predict what will happen next.

Audiences and critics will eagerly look forward to whether a team not given much chance can pull off an upset. This unpredictability of the beautiful game is one of football’s best features; it is possible to guess something, but it is always a complete surprise when it happens.


As the UEFA Euro 2024 enters the knockout stages, the anticipation and excitement among football enthusiasts are palpable. With a mix of established powerhouses and potential dark horses, this year’s tournament promises to deliver high drama and unforgettable moments.

While the likes of France, Germany, and England are favorites, the potential for upsets adds an extra layer of intrigue to the competition. Fans worldwide will eagerly tune in to see which teams will rise to the challenge and which will falter under the pressure.

With the UEFA Euro 2024 progressing to the knockout rounds, fans and lovers of the game are eagerly waiting. Thanks to various squads that can be deemed either serious contenders for the title or outsiders, this year’s tournament is set up to be dramatic and filled with highlight-worthy moments.

Although teams such as France, Germany, and England are expected to lead the pack and make a run at hoisting the trophy, the genuine possibility of a dark horse makes the tournament even more exciting.

People all over the world will be glued to their seats, watching which teams are up to the task and which ones fall flat.

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