MP Reveals How Much They Were Offered to Pass Finance Bill 2024

June 24, 2024

Juja MP George Koimburi claimed on Sunday that legislators were offered Kes.2 million to vote yes on the Finance Bill, which advanced to the second reading on Thursday.

Koimburi, one of the 114 members of parliament who voted against the Bill, asserted that MPs were offered money to pass the legislation, which sparked #OccupyParliament protests last week.

Speaking at the AIPCA Ndururumo Church in Juja constituency, the lawmaker claimed that he declined the bribe and voted against the bill.

“We were offered money… you saw how they carried money in sacks. We were told that for every yes vote, we would receive Kes. 2 million,” he said.

Koimburi statied that he could not in good conscience support a bill he believes will harm the public.

The MP also condemned police brutality during the anti-Finance Bill protests in Nairobi. He accused law enforcement of heavy-handed tactics, which have resulted in injuries and two reported deaths.

Furthermore, Koimburi issued a stark warning about the possible consequences of the Finance Bill being passed and signed into law by the president.

He cautioned that as youth become increasingly disenfranchised and frustrated by the economic hardships imposed by such legislation, they might resort to drastic measures, including widespread unrest.

“If this bill passes, the youth may burn the country,” he warned.

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