“We are all mentally unstable to be hosting upcountry relatives in Nairobi,” Akothee says

May 28, 2024

Akothee (real name Esther Akoth) has argued her case against hosting upcountry relatives in Nairobi.

In a social media post, the celebrity musician and businesswoman cautioned families in the village against burdening their Nairobi-based kin by sending their children to study or work in the city to live with them.

“Let us all agree that in this generation, we are incapable of living with or accommodating relatives. We are all mentally unstable, including the children you want to impose on us. Let everyone come to Nairobi and hustle like we did; there are no comfort zones,” Akothee asserted.

According to the mother of five, some of these relatives laze around while the household members are out working to support the family.

“They spend all day lounging on couches, eating leftovers, and consuming more than the homeowners. They even have the audacity to beat up our wives and children. They expose our secrets and turn our children into content for TikTok.”

Akothee urged upcountry families to find alternative ways to support their children starting in Nairobi.

“This child, your favorite child you are imposing on us, will break our family relationships for good. We might even choose not to come home because of what they have reported to you,” she remarked.

Akothee suggested it would be easier to support them if they rented their own house in Nairobi.

“They are your children and remain your responsibility, not ours. Find them a house as they hustle, and we will support them from there, but not while they are inside our homes. It is already challenging to live with a spouse; everyone is looking for mental space to breathe. These are tough moments that require tough decisions,” Akothee pointed out.

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