Betty Kyallo Talks Dating, Wedding Plans and Being Submissive: ‘My Man is From Western…’

May 13, 2024

Betty Kyallo shared some details about her private life, offering a rare insight into her relationship, which she has previously kept away from public view.

The media personality, who returned to mainstream media after an almost four-year hiatus, hinted at the possibility of getting married soon. Additionally, she mentioned being content and joyful in her current relationship with her partner, who originates from Western Kenya.

“My man is from the western region. I am now settled. I feel happy,” Kyallo said.

When questioned about the possibility of marriage, the mother of one was non-committal.

“We will see about that. I do not want to speak much about it and then something happens.”

Betty also disclosed that she is a submissive partner when in love, providing a rare glimpse into her personal life.

“Nikikupenda nafanya kila kitu. Napika, nakupiga magoti, massage nakufanyia. lakini yote ni kama nakupenda. Kama sikupendi siwezi fanya izo vitu zote,” she explained during an interview Saturday morning on Cape Media-owned Radio 47.

(When I love you, I do everything. I cook, I kneel, I massage you. But it’s all because I love you. If I don’t love you, I can’t do all those things)

As a prominent media personality and celebrity, Kyallo highlighted the necessity of cultivating resilience to navigate the challenges she encounters.

You know I have been doing this for 13 years now. I have learned to develop a thick skin because some things which people go through privately I go through them in the public eye. It is not easy, but I find ways of getting by,” remarked the media personality.

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