Abel Mutua Shares Inner Workings of his 17-Man Content Creation Team

May 16, 2024

Content creator Abel Mutua recently provided insights into the inner workings of his content creation process. Speaking at the recent International Creator Day held at the University of Nairobi, Abel highlighted the pivotal role played by his 17-member crew in ensuring seamless operations.

Abel employs a 3-camera setup for shooting, with each camera having its own operator. Additionally, he has two editors who work on the videos for various shows or segments on his channel. Apart from YouTube shoots, Abel’s team also produces reels for clients.

“There is someone who organises the entire shoot, that is the producer then aside from the YouTube shoots there are reels we produce for clients and I have a team for that,” he said.

To enhance accessibility, Abel engages the services of a closed captioner who adds subtitles to his content. He also collaborates with a graphic designer for posters and thumbnails, crucial for boosting engagement with his audience.

Beyond technical roles, Abel’s team includes individuals responsible for transportation and catering, underscoring the importance of every member’s contribution.

“Everybody plays a very integral role in this entire dance and it is very important,” said ‘Mkurugenzi’.

Compensating his skilled team comes at a significant cost, with shoots lasting up to two days and costing over Kes.200,000, depending on set requirements.

However, Abel’s successful content creation venture enables him to sustain his production team.

At the event, Abel encouraged aspiring content creators to start with the resources they have, citing his own beginnings with just a smartphone.

“Let equipment not inhibit you from being great, you what you have at the moment,” he said.

Abel emphasized the importance of upscaling production quality over time, a journey that saw him evolve from shooting and editing on a phone to becoming one of the fastest-growing creators, boasting over 600,000 YouTube subscribers and 750,000 Instagram followers.

Abel also highlighted the value of mentorship in nurturing emerging talents, citing examples like DJ Shiti and Njugush who flourished under mentorship. He revealed plans to establish a space for learning and mentoring aspiring content creators.

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