Uhuru’s Traitor Remarks Not Directed at Raila, Murathe Clarifies

April 11, 2024

David Murathe clarified that former President Uhuru Kenyatta aimed his traitor accusation at his former allies who deserted him to collaborate with his former political ally-turned-rival, President William Ruto.

Murathe stated that Kenyatta was not referring to Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who is looking to take a back seat from local politics for the AUC chairmanship job.

According to the Jubilee Party vice chairperson, Uhuru was singling out individuals whom he had aided in building their political careers, only for them to betray him when he needed their support.

Murathe specified that Uhuru Kenyatta was referring to politicians who were present during the ordination of two Catholic bishops in Nairobi on Saturday when the former President made his ‘politics of betrayal’ remarks.

“The former president was talking to the leaders present at the church event who turned against him despite supporting them to make political, cabinet and ambassadorial positions,” Mr Murathe said in an interview with Nation.Africa,

“Those in attendance know what they did. The former president was only comfortable with Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna at the event. He also talked about the 30 pieces of silver and those who sold their souls know,” he added.

Murathe claimed he had a discussion with Kenyatta, who affirmed his unwavering support for Raila Odinga, saying he(Uhuru) was working towards ensuring that Odinga secures the Africa Union Commission (AUC) chairmanship.

He dismissed claims that the Azimio leader had fallen out with Kenyatta over his new-found relationship with Ruto and the government’s support for the continental position.

“The former president and the Azimio leader are talking regularly and even had a long phone call on Tuesday to deliberate on a number of issues including the AUC chairmanship job and therefore anyone saying the contrary is not true. Azimio is intact,” Murathe insisted.

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