TikTok Looking to Partner with Government to Ensure Online Safety for Kenyans

April 11, 2024

TikTok has declared its willingness to partner with the Kenyan government and other stakeholders in ensuring the safety of its users on the platform.

Concerns have emerged regarding the promotion of violence, sex, hate speech, vulgar language, and offensive behavior through content shared onthe Chinese video-sharing platform.

Fortune Mgwili-Sibanda, TikTok’s head of public policy and government relations for Sub-Saharan Africa, assured the platform’s dedication to upholding safety during a session in Parliament on Tuesday. He said they are seeking closer collaboration with all stakeholders, including authorities, the media, civil society, and parents, to address concerns regarding online safety, data privacy, and content moderation.

“Keeping Kenyans safe online requires a collaborative effort as well as collective action, and our commitment to this is ongoing and unwavering,” Mgwili said.

TikTok Ban in Kenya

The TikTok official at the same time opposed the proposal to ban the platform in Kenya, affirming to legislators that TikTok plays a crucial role in expanding the democratic and civic space for Kenyans.

Banning TikTok in Kenya would amount to a violation of the Constitution, Mgwili argued.

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“Freedom of expression is a right that is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic, and open, robust debates such as those you would see online are part of the lifeblood of democracy. Shutting down those spaces would be tantamount to silencing citizens, and denying them their constitutional rights,” he said.

Mgwili reiterated that safety remains one of their core priorities, citing TikTok’s Community Guidelines, the Family Pairing Tool, which allows caregivers to pair their accounts with those of their teens, and its Screen Time Management feature.

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