Family Bank Addresses Incident of Woman Screaming in Branch [Video]

April 24, 2024

Family Bank has issued a statement addressing a viral social media video showing a woman shouting inside one of its retail branches.

In the less-than-a-minute footage, the woman can be seen and heard screaming while demanding her money. Nairobi Wire understands that the woman expressed concern about a swift transfer initiated earlier in the month.

The customer reportedly initiated the swift transfer on April 8, 2024, to her supplier in China and requested a reversal days later.

Family Bank successfully reflected and confirmed the transaction, indicating that the funds were sent to the intended recipient.

However, on April 15, the customer approached the bank branch, requesting a reversal of the transaction, stating that the transferred cash had not been received by the recipient in China.

The bank said it explained that reversing the transaction may take some time due to correspondent bank processes and recall measures.

In a statement, Nancy Njau, the Bank’s managing director and CEO, stated that the bank was working to resolve the matter.

Njau expressed regret for the suffering the grievance has caused the customer while noting that the bank adheres to all laid-down procedures as regulated.

“Although we fully understand our customers’ frustration, we are committed to ensuring that we follow the due process in this matter,” the bank said.

“The customer is aware of the process, and we have sought her indulgence on the proceedings, with frequent and constant updates on the matter,” Family Bank added.

The CEO also took the opportunity to assure its customers that the bank remains committed to excellence, emphasizing that customer service is “our number one priority”.

“Rest assured we are handling this matter with the discretion and urgency it deserves,” Njau said.


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