Eric Omondi Vows to Impeach Sakaja for Ordering Arrest of Kenyans Filming Kanjo Askaris

April 2, 2024

Comedian turned socio-political activist Eric Omondi has not taken kindly to a recent directive by Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja giving authority to county officers popularly known as kanjos to arrest Kenyans recording them during raids.

During an engagement with the officers, the Governor lamented that some traders and Nairobi dwellers had a tendency of resorting to theatrics whenever inspectorate officers raided their business establishments.

Sakaja emphasized that this behavior obstructs Kanjo officers from enforcing laws and regulations and fulfilling their duties. He classified those filming them as hindrances to the enforcement of justice.

“A few people are looking for clout and sensationalizing things. You arrest someone and they scatter their goodies. Does it mean offenders should be sang a song? Order must be maintained. Also, arrest those recording. That is obstruction of enforcement of justice. Do your work. Do the right thing. Have you ever seen them record the police?” Sakaja posed.

He however admitted that there are a few kanjos meting injustice against Nairobians, promising support for those doing the right thing.

“There might be one or two elements giving kanjo a bad name but if you know you are doing the right thing and your conscience is clear, know that governor is behind you,” he added.

Following a public uproar, Governor Sakaja later clarified that there would be no issue with recording, but individuals obstructing an officer should be subject to arrest.

There’s no problem with recording. That’s good. I have suggested having body cams on the officers as well. What is illegal and punishable by law is obstructing an officer who is performing his/her duties. And that will be punished by law.” He said.

Nonetheless, Eric Omondi strongly criticized the county boss threatening him with impeachment.

Taking to his popular Instagram account, the comedian pointed out some of Sakaja’s failures, while vowing to continue to recording Kanjo askaris.

“Nairobi is not your House. WE WILL IMPEACH YOU. Nai Hai work. The Drainage Systems are not working, Doctors are Striking. Nothing is working. Your Priorities are Upside Down. Your Regime is the Worst in the History of Nairobi.

“Your Officers kicked a woman in the Stomach as I watched in broad Daylight what if she was Expectant. The BRUTALITY MUST STOP!!! We will RECORD THEM DAILY. CONTROL YOUR MEN or we will do it for you!!!#MalizaUende,” Omondi wrote.


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