Mungai Eve Talks Split with Director Trevor and Addresses Allegations of Cheating

March 4, 2024

Mungai Eve spoke about her relationship with her former lover, Director Trevor, including addressing questions about infidelity in their relationship.

Eve addressed the matter during her interview with Andrew Kibe on her new YouTube channel show.

“Who was cheating, was it you or him…I suspect you must be the one who was cheating,” Kibe inquired.

Without delving into specifics or clarifying whether cheating played a role in the relationship’s end,  the famous YouTube content creator responded; “You might be wrong or right.”

“Are you completely done with Trevor?” Kibe probed. To which Eve confirmed, “Yeah, I mean, we are.”

During the interview, Mungai Eve played coy, expressing her reluctance to discuss the relationship in depth.

Kibe also inquired about the actual end date of the relationship. “Is it true that you stopped seeing each other last year in March?” Kibe asked, but Eve clarified that, contrary to Trevor’s claims, they did not break up in March 2023.

“So why did he say so?” Kibe probed further.

“I don’t know; I believe he is in the best position to explain it since he is the one who said it. He has his own reasons,” Eve answered without confirming the actual date of their separation.

Of course, Kibe asked the all-important question, “Mlikosana kwa nini?” 

To which Mungai Eve responded: “Well I wouldn’t want to talk much about it but it is a whole lot of many things and it was meant to come to an end.”

Regarding how she felt in the wake of their split and Trevor’s statement mentioning that her services would not be required, Mundai Eve explained that she was prepared for it.

“I was ready for it,I knew it was to happen.” I don’t know but maybe he did (announcing that her services would not be required in a terse statement) it to make him feel better, I don’t know,” she said.

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