Governor Natembeya Addresses Comparisons to Sadio Mane

February 29, 2024

Trans Nzoia County Governor George Natembeya acknowledged that former Liverpool forward Sadio Mane is his doppelganger.

In a brief video shared on his social media account, Natembeya noted that he has been getting comments from people comparing him to the Senegal international, currently playing for Saudi Arabian side Al Nassr.

The governor noted that the comparisons have escalated given that he now sports a new haircut resembling Mane’s.

“I have never thought about his(Mane’s) hairstyle. Kawaida yangu nikienda kushave it is my barber who decides on my hairstyle. Sometimes he says let’s go with this one or the other one,” Natembeya explained.

Playfully, the county boss quipped that it’s Mane who should try to emulate him, and not vice versa.

“I cannot role model myself around Mane. He is the one who should take me as his role model because he is younger than me,” he said.

Regarding being his lookalike, Governor Natembeya remarked that there exists a doppelganger for everybody.

“I am told in this world there is someone who looks exactly like you. So that happens. I don’t play football though, I am just a commando,” Natembeya said.

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