“I became broke,” DJ Slahver Opens Up About Split from Nicah The Queen

December 7, 2023

DJ and music events promoter Joseph Mwenda, widely recognized as DJ Slahver, has revealed that financial difficulties played a significant role in his separation from gospel singer Nicah The Queen.

Speaking in a radio interview, DJ Slahver clarified that the breakup wasn’t a result of malicious intent but rather a culmination of challenges that had built up over time.

He mentioned that his financial woes started sometime last year when his supposed business partners swindled him.

“I need the break for my mental health as a man. The break-up didn’t happen overnight; it was caused by problems that piled up over time. Last year there was an event I was organizing where I was to bring Chris Brown, that’s when the problems began. I was conned,” DJ Slahver said on Milele FM.

“I had partnered with two men, one of whom was living in Dubai but unfortunately, I was scammed a never went public about it. It affected me to the point I resigned. I became broke, and I can say mostly the issues that may have led to our break up is finances.”

Incident That Triggered Final Break-Up

Having broken up a couple of times before, DJ Slahver recounted the particular incident that triggered the final split.

“We had broken up three other times in our two years relationship,” Slahver said in another interview.

“There was something that triggered. There was a time I was with Arrow Bwoy and Nadia for an event meeting, and we stayed up until around 2 am. Nicah called me, asked if I was getting home, and said she wanted to sleep. We were so happy,” he told SPM Buzz.

Slahver added: “The following morning, we had a bill, and she could not sleep, so I told her, babe, it’s better to sleep, and we will wake up in the morning and figure out where we will get the money. That is what triggered it. And she said, ‘I feel like everyone should go back to their place and everyone to hustle separately’.”

DJ Slahver added that Nicah had introduced him to her parents, and he believed it wasn’t appropriate to publicly announce the breakup, considering the possibility of reconciliation.

Nicah and Slahver got engaged earlier in the year, with the former sharing their plans for a wedding scheduled for this year.

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