Kisii Candidate Busted with Phone Containing KCSE Maths Exam

November 15, 2023

Police in Nyanchwa, Kisii County are investigating a suspected case of examination malpractice involving a private student taking the KCSE exams at Nyanchwa Boys High School.

According to police reports, the incident happened during the administration of Mathematics Paper 2 on Tuesday. A Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) official is said to have been going around the class when she saw a man placing a mobile phone on a table next to an open window inside a classroom adjacent to the exam room.

After the students completed the maths paper 2 exams, the KNEC official questioned the students to determine the owner of the said phone. The 30-year-old private candidate reportedly admitted that the phone belonged to her.

“She gave out the password code which was used in accessing the phone. Upon going through WhatsApp section, she discovered the real answered Mathematics paper 2 question paper having been posted therein,” read part of the police report.

Preliminary investigations established that the maths test the students had just completed had been circulated on four WhatsApp groups before the exam commenced at 8:00 am.

Police in Kisii have launched investigations to identify and apprehend the administrator of the implicated WhatsApp groups.

The suspect allegedly charged Ksh10,000 each to distribute the examination papers to the 12,000 followers across different groups, just an hour before the commencement of the exams.

The administrator was reportedly requesting an additional Ksh10,000 from each group member before releasing Kiswahili Paper 3.

The mobile phone was confiscated as evidence, and the student was allowed to proceed with the remaining examination papers.

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