Akothee Apologizes to Miguna Miguna for Disregarding Omosh Red Flag

November 3, 2023

Akothee has eaten humble pie and made amends with firebrand revolutionary Miguna Miguna for disregarding his warning about her ex-husband Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer.

Days after the celebrity musician confirmed the end of her shortlived marriage, Akothee on Thursday took to social media to apologize to Miguna Miguna for being rude to him when he questioned her purported love affair with Omosh.

At the time, the day after Akothee and Omosh had tied the knot on April 10, 2023, Miguna was responding to a Twitter who lamented how he had not been able to gather any information about the Swiss national.

“I have been looking all over for information about Akothee’s husband Denis Schweizer. There is nothing to be found. No education, no family, and no online footprints. Just a ‘mysteruos’ guy now serving as the chairman of Akothee foundation,” @FmuliKE tweeted.

Miguna Miguna responded; “A bright red flag. I hope she has a prenup and a will. Wishing her well.”

But the fiery Akothee hit back, saying: “Someone tell Miguna Miguna this is not politics. And he should tell me his net worth before he attacks my husband,” inclusivity deficiency.”

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Now, Akothee admits that she ignored all the red flags because she was madly in love and desperate for love and attention.

“After God and Women Fear Miguna. Sorry for being rude bro I was in love 🙏 I meant well. 3 people you can never advise in life;
1. A woman in love
2. A woman ready to settle down
3. A woman in need of a family.” Akothee wrote.

She added: “Denis Found me at the time I was ready to settle down and he gave me the Love, attention and company that I needed then, life as a superstar can be very lonely. I had no support from family nor friends, in several occasions I have felt like selling everything and going to hide somewhere no one would l find me 💪I kind of felt alone in a world full of people.

“I found solace in Denis… He looked like the exact perfect match for those few months. I can say I ignored all the red flags,I convinced myself that this particular one was the right one for me. I was and still is innocent. I have forgiven myself for being naive 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

The mother of five acknowledged her mistake and naivety, noting that one instance does not define her. She mentioned that she prioritized her sanity and that she is now out of the trenches.

“I started my exit plan after my honeymoon, I don’t know how to force love issues especially, after knowing what I know now. If I continued with the narrative of staying in this marriage after all that I know now, my life would have been shorter than the shortest verse in the bible 🙏 I had to protect myself and my sanity the rest is history 🙏 It is well 🙏

“I have fully recovered and I am okay now,'” Akothee wrote.

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