How Akothee’s Marriage with Omosh Fell Apart: “When the mask fell, I could not be there..”

November 2, 2023

Akothee has finally addressed the elephant in the room: her shortlived marriage to her husband, Denis Schweizer aka ‘Omosh’.

During a TikTok live session on Tuesday, Akothee revealed that she parted ways with Omosh back in June, citing that the relationship was not viable for her, and she chose not to force issues.

Without disclosing the precise reasons for their fallout, Akothee mentioned that she uncovered certain aspects about ‘Omosh’ during their honeymoon that she found insurmountable, prompting her to end the marriage.

“I believe most of you have moved on from my relationship life, just like I have moved on from it. It does not exist anymore. I want to tell you that I walked out of that relationship back in June. I will, however, not go into details,” Akothee said.

The celebrity singer also recounted how she ended the marriage without informing Omosh. She indicated that she lied to him that she wouldn’t leave him after his “mask” came off.

“I walked out of the relationship back in June. I normally walk out of my relationships while I am still in them. When we were on honeymoon, I found out some things that I could not cope with. Then he asked me, “Will you leave me?” I said, “No, honey, I love you”. When I was leaving Switzerland in July, at the airport, he asked me, “Will you leave me? I said “No, honey, I love you”. But for sure, I had already left,” Akothee narrated.

Adding: “I am a person who does not force issues. When it is not working for me, even if it is working for you, it is just not working. The reason I don’t stay in toxic relationships or relationships that I do not understand is because my money is in my head. The moment I allow any man to mess up with my head, then he is messing up with my pocket.”

Akothee at the same time mentioned that she does not regret the relationship nor her decision to leave.

“I will not apologise for anything if the relationship does not work for me. It did not work. It worked for a few days, but when the mask fell, I could not be there. What was I staying there for? By the time you never saw Denis on my social media accounts, it was the time I was managing my exit.”

“I did enjoy my marriage; I enjoyed my wedding. I don’t regret anything. I did my wedding on my birthday, just in case things went wrong, as they have done, I would not have any regrets.”

The mother of five also spoke warmly of Omosh, expressing gratitude for his presence in her life during a challenging period. She emphasized that her wedding holds a special place in her heart, as it occurred at a crucial time and fulfilled a dream.

“Denis Schweizer came into my life when I was going through so much. We came from far and he gave me what I needed when I needed him, he came in when we had big fights with my family and I was written off and nobody was talking to me.

“I needed a shoulder to lean on and by the time he said, ‘will you… I responded with a quick ‘Marry me, yes’. I enjoyed everything with him including living with him. All the flight tickets he bought for me, I really do appreciate but then the relationship was not meant to be,” she said.

Akothee also revealed that Omosh, the second-born in his dysfunctional family of five, introduced her to his mother during a visit to Italy.

“Kijana mwenyewe ni Mswiss. He came to Kenya three times in 2019 and two times in 2022. I met him back in July in Switzerland. He was born and raised in Swiss. He comes from a dysfunctional family of five. He is the second born. I met the mother in Italy, I was introduced and she was happy to see me.”

In conclusion, Akothee underscored the importance of learning from unsuccessful relationships

“The energy I derive from failed relationships is that I learn a lot. If you’re hurting, then get well soon. Deal with your emotions. I’m going through a divorce right now. We are moving on to the next,” she said.

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