VIDEOS: Kristoff jets off to the USA to kick off whirlwind American tour

October 14, 2023

After a short stint in Kenya, Popular rapper Kristoff has flown back to the USA for his much-anticipated for tour which is said to encompass several states as well as inking new deals with US-based brands.

The ‘Dundaing’ hitmaker, whose illustrious career has seen him work with some of the biggest Kenyan stars and has also spawned classic musical gems, arrived in the US Thursday evening to a pompous welcome from the CMG Records top dog Steve “Dezz” Aoll and his US crew as they treated the star to a magnificent welcome rich with exotic cuisines, premium shipwrecked champagnes and grandiose outings.

Kristoff, who has been busy pushing several projects after dropping ‘Big Man Party’ earlier this year, also took to Instagram to share his American resplendence – living it up in North Brunswick, New Jersey as the record label boss drove him around town and treated him to a myriad of topnotch experiences.

Ahead of the tour, the rapper also had a studio session with high-flying photographer Patrick Muhoro, a project whose results are yet to be made public.

While speaking to the media, Kristoff avowed that he was, indeed, in the USA and was going to shake up several stops in a meticulously-planned tour which would see him meet up with most of his Kenyan fans in the US as well as fans from other nationalities too.

“Yes, I’m here to work. There’s alot of yearning for Kenyan music here and fans have been asking for this. It has been a long time coming – we’ve planned this for long and had to make sure that the time was right and the mood was right too. I’m energized and ready to hit the road. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Fans can expect a showstopper!” he said.

Hot on the heels of the tour, Kristoff’s new unreleased project too has officially leaked and if the first several seconds is anything to go by, the song is sure going to shake up the charts and blow up the streaming platforms.

The rapper affectionately known as ‘Mluhya Wa Busia’ has this time teamed up with sensational rapper Trio Mio in a thrill-packed jam called ‘Asubui Na Mapema’.

Produced by King Phizzle On the Beat, the song sees the two rappers rapping boisterously over an infectious beat as they boast of their lyrical prowess, endowed pockets, thick fanbases and more.

As they both blend and merge effortlessly, Trio matches Kristoff’s legendary energy, furiously rapping away as Kristoff raises the bar, delivering a verse that will arguably be his best work yet.

Already, the peripatetic musician is set to play at slate of juggernaut shows this coming week starting with a ‘Mashujaa Day’ Live show which will be held at the Jama Grill and Lounge, New Jersey, USA on the 21st of October.

The show will be one of the many lined up by his record label in a bid to tap into the oversees market, rope in new opportunities and secure brand deals.

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