Mackenzie Authorized Letter Instructing his Followers to Fast to Death While in Custody: Police Report

October 13, 2023

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is probing a letter from cult leader Paul Mackenzie, directing his followers to observe fasting while in custody.

According to Assistant DPP Jami Yamina, the letter, dated July 22, 2023, was recently intercepted by authorities at Shimo La Tewa Maximum Prison during a routine safety check.

The  DCI says the letter contains religious instructions for fasting to the point of death.

Chief Inspector Raphael Wanjohi, the primary investigator of the Shakahola massacre, stated in an affidavit that the letter disclosed extreme religious beliefs in line with witness testimonies and Mackenzie’s recruitment activities.

“The letter paints a picture that the author and the other co-accused persons are still deeply indoctrinated and ready to accomplish their mission of dying by fasting,” said Wanjohi.

Police also believe that Kelvin Sudi Asena alias Alfred Asena, a close associate of Mackenzie wrote the letter. Police said it was authorized by Mackenzie himself.

Asena is often seen sitting beside Mackenzie in court, engaging in consultations with him.

Investigator Wanjohi mentioned that the letter has been forwarded to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for forensic analysis to verify Asena as the author.

These details emerged during the proceedings of a State application to extend the detention of Mackenzie and the other 27 co-accused individuals for an additional six months.

The next court appearance is scheduled for October 19, when further instructions on the case will be provided.

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