Monica Juma’s Bodyguards Gun Down Gunman Targeting Motorists on Mwingi-Garissa Highway

October 24, 2023

On Saturday night, two security guards attached to Ambassador Dr Monica Juma, President William Ruto’s national security advisor, reportedly shot and killed a lone gunman along the Mwingi-Garissa highway near Nguni market.

According to the incident report at Nguni police station, the two bodyguards drawn from the military police were en route from Nairobi to Mwingi East, which is Dr. Juma’s hometown.

The former Defence Cabinet Secretary in the administration of former President Uhuru Kenyatta was not in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Reports indicate that the assailant shot in the air, signaling the officers to stop. He ordered them out of the vehicle and robbed them. As the suspect made his escape, he fired three rounds, forcing the armed officers to respond with gunfire, killing him on the spot.

Upon inspecting his bag, the officers discovered various items, including Somali currency, food provisions, a solar panel, and a small black bag containing 38 bullets. The assailant’s AK-47 firearm was loaded with 23 bullets.

“Also found in his possession were two pairs of open shoes, a small sauce pan, a knife, a solar panel, 15 dry batteries, scissors, a pen, and an electric tester,” the report detailed.

Investigators said they working to establish the identity of the attacker who they suspect was a member of the al Shabaab who had strayed into the area.

He is said to have been targeting motorists for several days while hiding behind the bushes.

Moments before the encounter with Dr Juma’s aides, the suspect targeted a water tanker from St Andrews Academy in Mwingi, discharging gunfire at the truck.

The driver of the tanker, Patrick Mutie, informed the police that he saw an armed man signaling him to stop, but instead, he accelerated away from the scene.

Mutie said he heard three shots and noticed that his right front tire had been struck. Despite the flat tire, he continued driving until he reached Nguni market.

The deceased’s body was transported to Mwingi Level Four Hospital mortuary as investigations continued.

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