Pastor Dorcas and County First Ladies Partner to Advance Initiatives for the Vulnerable

October 24, 2023

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi Monday met the leadership of the ‘County First Ladies Association’ (CFLA) to strategically advance programs touching the vulnerable across the 47 counties.

They included First Ladies, Excellencies, Chair Allamitu Jattani (Marsabit), Saline Barchok (Bomet), Beatrice Sakaja (Nairobi), Dr. Emily Chesire (Baringo), EdnaLenku (Kajiado), Emily Nyaribo (Nyamira), and Rukia Abdinasir (Wajir).

Speaking during the meeting, Pastor Dorcas shared her journey of reaching out to the boy child, widows, orphans and people with disabilities in the last one year since the Kenya Kwanza Government came into office.

She highlighted her visits to the drug dens, streets, and rehabilitation centres to seek the transformation of the boys and men lost in alcohol, drug and substance abuse.

“We decided to sit and talk about the boy child with the county first ladies, and also about our counties and nation, and the condition of drug abuse in the nation. We are accountable. When a mother speaks, the nation listens,” said Pastor Dorcas.

“Just like malaria and HIV, we are asking people not to condemn this men in addictions,but to encourage them to become a part of rehabilitation and transformation. Much of the GBV, FGM cases, can actually be addressed when the boy child is parented and brought up the right way,” added Pastor Dorcas.

The Chair of the Association, Allamitu Jattani (First Lady Marsabit County) said their meeting was an eyeopener into the office of the spouse of the Deputy President (OSDP) programs.

“When we heard you (Pastor Dorcas) talk about the boy child, we realized there is agap, and the boy child issues need to be urgently addressed,” said First Lady Jattani.

“We are looking to have a bigger meeting with Her Excellency, which shall be inclusive of all spouses of governors in Kenya, so she can share with us in a large way, how to support her vision, and we can support her in a big way. We believe in a healthy and balanced community that works together and takes care of the vulnerable, boy child,” said FL Jattani.

She also pointed out the need to demystify the perspective of rehabilitation centres in the eyes of the public, for the facilities to be viewed as sanctuaries of treatment and mentoring.

First Lady Jattani also decried the high numbers of widows in the Marsabit and North Eastern parts of Kenya caused by border conflicts that result to death of the men.

Edna Lenku, spouse of Joseph Ole Lenku (Kajiado Governor) said they were happy with the direction taken by Pastor Dorcas in advocating for the youth. She expressed support for the programs.

“As mothers, led by pastor Dorcas, we shall hold the hands of our youth and walk with them because we love our nation, families and this is a crucial opportunity given to us by God,” said FL Lenku.

“As wives of Governors and county first ladies, we work with the community. We championed the cause of the girl child and we thank God for its success; but looking back, we see the boy child was left behind, and we must champion this cause,” she added.

Pastor Dorcas agreed to work with the First Ladies, their association, and reach the 47 counties to better the lives of vulnerable populations through the programs of the boy child, widows and orphans and people with disabilities, and founded on chaplaincy, outreach and family values.

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