Form 4 Students Assault Principal Over Porridge without Sugar

October 31, 2023

An inquiry has been initiated into an incident at God-Bura Mixed Secondary School in Suba South constituency, where certain students are reported to have assaulted and injured their school principal.

Principal Collins Omondi reportedly endured physical assault allegedly in response to accusations of mismanagement at the school.

On Friday morning, the students allegedly forcibly entered the principal’s residence, evicted him, and proceeded to assault him.

The attack was purportedly a reaction to the provision of porridge without sugar by the school cooks. The students associated this sugarless porridge with the mismanagement of the institution.

Additionally, Principal Omondi was accused of sending students home due to outstanding school fees.

As per police reports, a significant number of Form 4 students collaborated with those in lower forms to attack their teacher. The principal sustained injuries to the head and other parts of his body.

“They commanded Omondi to accompany them to Magunga police station to record a statement. The students wanted the teacher to explain how the school funds are used,” the report read in part.

The students became unruly and initiated the assault on the teacher when he resisted accompanying them to the police station.

Paul Mbara, the Chairman of the Suba South Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association, condemned the attack, emphasizing that the law prohibits students and parents from assaulting teachers within the school premises. He added that the teacher also suffered injuries to his chest.

Principal Omondi was initially rushed to Magunga Level IV Hospital for a medical examination before being referred to another facility for an X-ray.

“Attacking teachers is not a solution to problems faced by schools. There should be alternative dispute resolution mechanisms,” Mbara said.

Homa Bay County Police Commander Samson Kinne stated that they are collaborating with the Ministry of Education in investigating the incident.

“We would want to know those who are behind the students’ actions. Some parents are reportedly involved in the matter and were seen helping the students to assault the teacher,” Kinne said.

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