Excitement across Laikipia as thousands of farmers seek to become millionaires overnight in new carbon farming initiative

October 31, 2023

Over the weekend, thousands of farmers drawn from Laikipia County converged at Thome, in Rumuruti for a revolutionary farming sensitization which saw interested people of all walks of life – young and old, men and women – gather to improve their lives and learn a few tricks on new-age farming expertise.

The farmers, who gathered under the auspices of the GPC Organic Farming company, in conjuction with Signerr Land Share initiative, started trooping in as early as 6am in the morning and had totally filled up the expansive 10,000-acre farm by around 9am.

The GPC group, which was launching their innovative first-ever carbon farming initiative in Kenya, was out to introduce the pioneering concept to farmers in areas where tribal clashes, extreme poverty and land injustices have always made the news.

On a busy day packed with a raft of activities, over 2,000 enthusiastic farmers were taken through a rigorous practical training which opened them to the world of not just making money but also doing it effortlessly and through an activity they loved.

After a September 2022 survey which showed that at least 8.9 million Kenyans were living in poverty, especially in the rural areas, the Signerr initiative sought to address the joblessness across the country by introducing remarkable farming ideas to Kenyans especially in fertile lands.

“We decided to introduce the first-ever carbon farming in Kenya after realising that Kenyans were languishing in poverty and did not know how to make money or make use of their farms. At Signeer, we realized that by introducing carbon farming, we would massively help locals make millions as well as improve their living standards because you not only save on inputs but also get high yields on farming,” Joe Kariuki, the GPC Organic Farming CEO, said to the media.

Through the initiative, Kenyans are looking into making millions of dollars from farm produce that ranges from maize, beans, tomatoes and onion farming.

“I did not know about the idea until some friends showed me some articles online which led me here. I’m happy to have not just attended but also benefited greatly from this initiative. I’ve done my little research on carbon farming and I’m glad that it has now been introduced in Kenya and especially in Rumuruti. It’s definitely the perfect way to tackle poverty especially in Laikipia County, ” Walter Mungai, a young upcoming farmer, said.

To achieve that, Signerr has introduced the GPC Biochar fertilizer – the only such type in Kenya – which not only increases microbial activity in the soil but also works in any type of soil to get healthier results with less work.

All day, farmers ploughed, tilled and prepared the farm even as Joe Kariuki promised to reach over a million farmers across the country in an unprecedented move which is quickly capturing the entire nation and turning people into overnight millionaires.

“I have already captured over 10,000 farmers across the Laikipia and Nyandarua counties. Our target is national – we are looking at over one million farmers now. This is just the beginning. The carbon movement is about to get ever crazier,” Joe said.

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