Excitement as rapper Kristoff’s US tour kicks off with much pomp, flair and soldout venues

October 31, 2023

Globe-trotting rapper Kristoff has continued to shut down the US as his CMG Records-sponsored American tour gathers steam, with a stream of adrenaline-packed performances in some of the swankiest spots across States.

After his last show in New Jersey, Kristoff, affectionately known as ‘Mluhya wa Busia’, stormed Newark, Delaware where he threw down a seismic performance packed with boundless energy, sheer magnetism and outstanding stagecraft.

Kickstarting a more than three-hour set, it immediately became clear that the star’s swagger – his gritty countenance and explosive movements in tandem with a throbbing backup DJ – rested on gratitude, articulated in affectingly heartfelt overtures to the zestful crowd.

For the first time, Kristoff teamed up with famed Kenyan DJ, DJ Shinski, a renowned spinmaster based in the US, as the duo charged the crowd, lighting up the roof and delivering a knockout performance which left sweaty fans begging for an encore – which was graciously granted.

The second leg of his US tour went down at the famed House of Blush – a beautifully-garlanded venue complete with fog machines, pyrotechnic fireworks and a hydraulic stage which accentuated the concert and livened up the crowd.

Tearing through his rich repertoire, which includes classic such as ‘Dundaing’, ‘Dandia’ and ‘Luku Luku’, Kristoff delivered a thrilling set which embodied his sonic influences and also affirmed his music’s place as a staple in Kenyan culture.

At various points throughout night, small mosh pits bubbled in general admission, showing a delicate balance of carefree emotion and musical hypnosis.

In Delaware, as in New Jersey before, Kristoff reminded everyone why he is still one of the finest ever to do it and why, when it comes to stage performances, very few can hold a candle to his dexterity.


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As November kicks in, the rapper, whose new freestyle ‘Flowers’ is already doing great on all streaming platforms, is slated to hold more sold-out shows across several other venues and states in the US.

“We’re grateful for the love we’re witnessing. This is history in the making. I’m excited to meet my fans and have such a deep, immersive connection with them. I can’t wait to visit more States and replicate the magic!” Kristoff said.

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