The Day Diana Marua Kissed Another Guy While Her Boyfriend was Driving

August 3, 2023

Diana Marua played Truth or Dare with her partner Bahati, recounting the day she locked lips with a guy at the back of a car that her boyfriend was driving.

In a video on her YouTube channel on July 31, Diana Marua said they were on a group road trip to Mombasa with their friends when she lost her senses and made out with another guy.

Of course, Diana blamed her behaviour on alcohol.

“That day it was my then guy driving. We were five ladies. I was seated behind, and we were drinking. I was out of my senses, out of character but in the mood. I started making out with another guy that I did not come with.

She added: “I remember it was just drama after that. The boyfriend then was driving huko mbele. And then hio Mombasa nilikaa pekee yangu.”

Bahati on his part told the truth about his biggest fear regarding their relationship. He apparently dreads the day Diana Marua would catch him cheating as she is hot-tempered.

“Unajua vile wewe huwa na hasira ya Mkisii, naogopa same unipate nikicheat. It is a fear. Utaniua,” he said.

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