IG Koome: Police Officers to Receive Salary Raise this Week

August 24, 2023

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has assured police officers that they will begin receiving salary increments starting this week.

Speaking Wednesday, the police boss said that the National Police Service (NPS) salary and welfare committee, under the leadership of Eliud Kinuthia, has been actively engaged in discussions with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) to secure a salary increment for officers this month.

“We have had several meetings with SRC, negotiating police salaries. It wasn’t easy and it took a while to reach an agreement but we did. I have received the report on the new salaries to be paid and we shall start running the payroll today. I want to assure every police officer that by Friday, this week, they will receive their new salaries as stated in the report,” Koome said.

The police boss also mentioned the committee will continue engaging with the SRC in an effort to further increase officers’ incomes.

Police officers in various job groups are expecting an increment ranging from Sh1,255 to Sh11,249.

Support staff working with the police are also poised to gain a salary increase ranging from Sh2,300 to Sh11,020.

“The government has moved to correct a number of issues affecting police service and established the National Task Force on police reforms that is chaired by Chief Justice David Maraga. The team will work with SRC to ensure the salary increment is also applied to police officers,” said Eliud Kinuthia, adding that the remuneration review is the third since 2019.

“This is the outcome of the four-year review cycle for all public servants,” he said.

From the Sh27.1 billion disbursed by the Treasury for the purpose of salary increments for public servants, the police department will receive Sh3.6 billion.

Additionally, a sum of Sh2.8 billion will be allocated to the officers in the Financial Year 2023-24, while another Sh1.3 billion is earmarked for release in the FY2024-25.

Currently, a police constable earns Sh32,880 per month, while a Corporal takes home Sh42,660.

The highest earner within the Police Service is the Inspector General, receiving Sh852,241 every month, while their senior assistant takes home Sh274,890 monthly.

For ranks between Sergeant and Commissioner of Police, monthly earnings range from Sh45,000 to Sh130,000.

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