Grace Msalame Teases PHOTO of Her New Man

August 9, 2023

Celebrated media personality Grace Msalame is seemingly reveling in the bliss of her blossoming love affair as she finally took to social media to introduce her man to her loyal fanbase.

Taking to Instagram Sunday, the TV talk show host only teased a soft unveil of her mystery man, only showing his hand holding hers. Msalame only made sure to turn off the comments section and accompanied the image with forever love emojis, ♾️♥️.

She also included #Home hashtag, suggesting she feels right at home when she’s with her partner.

The subtle introduction of her partner comes shortly after Msalame openly talked about the man in a recent Engage Talk.

During the event held at the Kenya National Theatre, Grace shared that her lover had rekindled her capacity to experience love, emphasizing that he embodied precisely the qualities she had desired.

“Any man who is hard working and passionate and creative naturally won my heart, and as I grew of course, all of us, us women the picture perfect family, the knight in shining armour, the beautiful wedding, and the children that follow through as I grew I discovered it’s not black and white, not that easy,” she said, adding that her perspective on relationships had been significantly influenced by her own father.

“Broke a few hearts or my heart got broken a few times, but I learnt, and I guess I just realized that I just didn’t know any better. Something I discovered and it’s probably through knowledge and therapy it’s for the longest time, I thought I had to be a certain way to be loved, be perfect or if I’m not this person will leave. Funny enough I got that from my father. I felt I had to be a certain way to see me, to notice me, and I carried that into my relationships.”

“I felt if I wasn’t perfect, they would leave. And of course, you don’t carry that with you into your relationships so they were doomed to fail from the get-go.”

Throughout this journey, her faith remained unwavering, and she considered herself fortunate to have been granted a second opportunity at love.

“So I tried and even later on, I became a mother but didn’t find the love of my life, I held onto that hope even with the trials and some publicly unfortunately, and because of the years of just not knowing any better, I was jaded and damaged so I hardly saw him as that at first.

“So I still held back. I didn’t give of myself but slowly he won his way into my heart, and it melted, you know that feeling ladies. Yeah, for the first time in my life, I felt safe, I felt seen and I felt heard. For me, that’s very important to exist in that environment.”

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