Back To The Streets? Vera Sidika Unleashes Her Buttocks (PHOTOS)

August 11, 2023

Reality TV star Vera Sidika might be back in the market if her recent social media activity is anything to go by.

This is according to a section of her 2.5 million followers on Instagram, that was left stunned by the sheer size of Sidika’s voluptuous behind.

The mother of two nearly broke the internet when she published nude photos of her bare buttocks on Thursday.

“Be His Peace He Already Wishes You Were ME 🤍😉” she captioned the mirror selfies that appear to have been taken in a hotel room in Dubai.

The candid shots of her booty come a day after Vera Sidika published a twerk video that nearly caused an assquake in Dubai.

“It’s a good day today 🥵 Raha jipe Mwenyewe,” Vera captioned the video.

The Real Housewives Of Nairobi star evidently caught the attention of her followers as her thirst trap photos garnered over 2000 comments in a matter of hours.

Some Instagram users speculated that Vera Sidika might be putting herself back out there amid unconfirmed reports of her breakup with singer Brown Mauzo.

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Others, like rapper Barak Jacuzzi, welcomed Vera Sidika back, perhaps to her old ways of stunning netizens with her larger-than-life hindquarters.

Here are some reactions”

Lilian Mbucho: “Welcome back Queen 🥰”

Barak Jacuzzi: “She’s backkkk!!!”

Njugunah added: “Your farts must be loud asf 😭😭😂”

Alexcy_zaza wondered: “Are u still a couple? Or back to the streets?”

Carol Katua commented: “Umbwa ni umbwa tu ata ikifungiwa itabweka tu😂😂😂back to your roots🙌”

Elolo Salome: “I love you girl but I don’t wish to be you. Exposing your self like that just for money and I thought that you did surgery to remove it’s sad.”

Mike Ndolo: “Ameenda kazi Dubai, client waiting.”

east_africans: “My Girl is back to the street👏🏿😂!”

Acy Johns was of the opinion: “Mtu anaweza ekelea kikombe na sahani 😪”

Gd_M1 commented: “Those balloons will pop out one are doing so much sit down mama.”

Samira: “Back to where you belong, si uwahurumie watoto😂”

Caroz Leon wrote: “😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭eeeeeeeeeeih wakikuyu wote ebu piteni hapa na likes”

Rachael Makinia: “Ni kurudi soko 😂”

Murayza warned: “Harmonize asije ona hii kitu mana ni ugonjwa wake 🚶”

Don Wadidwa said: “Hapa bila inches hautoboi😂”

Maish wrote: “Back to old hustle watoto lazima wasome group of skols na msanii ni mchezo tu.”

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