Vera Sidika: “Life happens, people break up and move on”

May 26, 2023

Vera Sidika came short of confirming her break up with singer Brown Mauzo as she insisted that she cannot break up with a lover for clout.

Speculation has been rife after her followers noticed she removed the title ‘Wife’ from her Instagram bio, while Mauzo deleted their pictures from his timeline.

Vera has now dropped the biggest hint yet that the rumors might be true.

“Break-up clouts are lame, overused, and retired. I have never done a breakup clout in over 5 years. I always have unique ideas if I want to chase clout and y’all know it, not this. Please just stop forcing it. Not everything in life revolves around clout. I can never do a breakup clout, anything else but that. Whatever happens, happens in real life,” she said.

The reality TV star went on to dismiss the assumption that most breakups are a result of cheating.

“By the way, in case you didn’t know, not all break ups are caused by infidelity. There’s a lot of issues that contribute. Life happens, people break up and move on. Some break up and fix issues. That is what life is all about, never a smooth ride,” she said.

According to the ‘Real Housewife of Nairobi’, subjecting her relationship to public mockery in pursuit of attention would only attract negative outcomes to their union.

“But one thing about me, since the growth from past relationships, I have never done this BS. That why nobody even knew when I ended things with the Senegalese ex, Tanzanian ex until months later. Clout chasing with fake break up only invites negative energy in your relationship. That’s why I don’t do break up clout, it’s like some kind of curse, its either we are broken up or not, or broke up and later resolved issues, not break up for clout. It’s childish and tiring,” Vera added.

Vera also shared a video of a woman speaking about the reasons why some women end their relationships.

“No woman would ever leave because you made a mistake. She left because you made a habit of it. The truth is, she would rather fix things with you than start over with someone new. And she stayed because she hoped you would step up and be the man she deserves,” she wrote.

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