Akothee Fumes over Photoshopped Image of Bahati and Diana Marua

August 23, 2023

Akothee has taken to social media to rant over a manipulated image of fellow singer Bahati and his family.

The image which has been doing rounds on social media since the weekend, shows the Bahatis alongside photoshopped images of footballer Victor Wanyama, filmmaker Abel Mutua, and social media personality KRG the Don.

The trio is placed next to Bahati’s and Diana’s children to insinuate that they are the biological fathers of the couple’s three children.

Wanyama has since reacted to the photo, taking to Twitter (X) to post: “This foolishness needs to stop now !!”

The footballer has since been joined by Akothee in condemning the actions of the unknown person who manipulated the image and shared it on social media.

The mother of five was particularly concerned about the effect of the image on Bahatis’ children as she slammed the culprit responsible for the photo.

“THIS PHOTOSHOP SHOULD STOP THERE FOR THE SAKE IF(sic) THE CHILDREN. If you hate Bahati and Diana Their Children has(sic) nothing to do with the Children 🙏. I wish we all had Humanity,” Akothee started.

The celebrity musician went on to lecture people who misuse social media to bully and harass public figures, especially women.

“Social media is becoming demonic. People have lost empathy, respect, and self discipline. How can you take a whole family foto and start comparing peoples children with other individuals? What exactly came into your mind? That what happened? This is how society paints women in this discriminate society. How painful will it be if it were you on this picture, be it a man or a woman, a father or a mother even the children in the photos? Bulshit, really bulshit🤔😠😠😠.” She wrote on Instagram Tuesday.


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Akothee went on to relate the cyberharassment experienced by the Bahatis with her own experiences with social media bullies.

“The same photos will be used by bullies in school, to bully the innocent children on behalf of their parents. Which world are we living in? Dunia Gani hii jamani? As celebrities we post our families first as our albums, secondly as motivation to some of the most irresponsible parents I know, and third as entertainment. Don’t take this for granted, your jealousy won’t stop celebrities from being celebrated…Where children are involved, I won’t keep quiet,” said the mother of five.

Akothee mentioned that the photo had irked her and indicated that she would pursue legal action if she were in the Bahatis’ position.

“Celebrities are equally raising broken children, because of you bullies, you bully us, bully our families, bully our children, Yani Humanity left this streets. The entitlement internet people have is sickening. All are sadist, and narcissist causing people pain left right center.
If I am DIANA & BAHATI Will sue your Dahm Assess. Even if you are as a small fan as a maggot . Chieth
Nkt. Nimekasirika asanaaaa.SOME SMALL RESPECT FOR FAMILY ESPECIALLY CHILDREN 💪 Go for Bahati & Diana ndio Rika Zenu,” Akothee concluded.

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