Unknown People Dump Faeces in Homes of Gatundu Village

July 7, 2023

The residents of Gwa Kimori village in Gatundu North are in distress over a rise in incidents where unidentified people have been defecating in their homes.

According to the villagers, these individuals have been wrapping their faeces in polythene bags and leaving them at their doorsteps during the night.

One resident, Tabitha Njuguna, said they dumped their excretions inside her water tank.

“I woke up early in the morning and went to fetch water from the tank to prepare tea as usual. I was, however, shocked to find faeces wrapped in maize flour bag and dumped inside. We are shocked by these devilish acts,” she said as quoted by the Star.

Another resident reported discovering piles of human waste placed in front of her doorstep.

“I have a toilet in my home compound but they decided to leave their waste at my door,” said Margaret Nyambura.

The residents, who shared their experiences with journalists on Wednesday, said they suspect that these incidents were acts of defiance by certain individuals in the village who are opposed to the construction of an access road in the area.

Another resident, Nancy Wambui, said her water tank might have been poisoned at night.

“I realised all was not well when the water turned yellowish as I was preparing tea. I am having sleepless nights because I don’t know who’s after my life. Our tribulations started the day we were told this road will be constructed and that we should clear the corridor,” Wambui said.

John Njoroge said that the area MCA pledged to construct a 1.5-kilometer access road and had urged residents to remove any structures and trees planted along the road corridor to facilitate its construction.

John Njoroge speaking to journalists at Gwa Kimori Village in Gatundu North on Wednesday. Image/John Kamau

“Some people have, however, declined to cut down trees they planted on the corridor and others are claiming that their people are buried on the road. This road has been pathetic since time immemorial and we had high hopes that its construction would open up this village,” Njoroge said.

The resident said the unidentified individuals had taken it upon themselves to reroute the road by marking their own lands with a white substance.

“They placed the markings at night and shockingly they placed it where there are graves. We are living in fear because we even don’t know what the white substance is and they have sprinkled it even on our crops,” Njoroge said.

The locals said they had reported the incidents to relevant authorities.

“We have notified the local authorities but no help has come forthwith. We are pleading with them to intervene and avert a possible crisis,” said Mary Kamau.

Despite the challenges they are facing, the residents maintained that the road must be constructed.

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