I Don’t See Why Obado Would Want to Kill Sharon Otieno – Witness

July 20, 2023

During the cross-examination of a witness in the ongoing trial involving the murder of Sharon Otieno and her unborn baby, a witness indicated that former  Migori Governor Okoth Obado had no intention of killing the late Rongo University student.

Former Homa Bay County MCA Lawrence Mula informed the court that Obado had confided in his family, disclosing that he had impregnated Sharon and that they were expecting a child together.

During the cross-examination, Mula noted that while Obado was uncertain about whether the unborn child was his, Sharon Otieno had agreed to conduct a DNA test once the child was born to determine the paternity.

“Everything had been settled. I don’t see why Obado would want to kill based on how things went and the support he gave to Sharon,” the witness said.

“Obado had already shared with his wife about Sharon.”

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During the court proceedings, it was revealed that Sharon had sent a photo of her baby bump to one of Obado’s sons, named Dan, via WhatsApp. In the message, she asked Dan to forward the photo to his mother, presumably seeking to establish communication with Obado’s family regarding her pregnancy.

Mula mentioned that Dan and Sharon were friends on Facebook.

The hearing continues.

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