Court Told Sharon Otieno Demanded Sh5m Monthly Upkeep, Sh20m House From Obado

July 19, 2023

During the ongoing trial of former Migori Governor Okoth Obado, his personal assistant Michael Oyamo, and Caspal Obiero, who are facing charges related to the murder of Sharon Otieno and her unborn baby, new revelations emerged on Tuesday.

A witness testified about some of the demands made by the deceased to the former governor.

Lawrence Mula – a former MCA – revealed that Sharon requested a rental house worth approximately Sh20-25 million, located in either Nairobi or Kisumu.

Additionally, she allegedly asked for a high-end car befitting the status of the governor’s wife and a monthly upkeep of Sh5 million.

Sharon also reportedly demanded to be recognized as Obado’s wife, and an additional sum of Sh200,000 for her prenatal care. According to the witness, she argued that she required specialized medical attention in Nairobi due to her changed status.

“I tried to convince her to go to a hospital in the County but she said she can’t go to a cheap hospital. She told me, ‘Mheshimiwa, remember I’m governor’s wife and I’m carrying the governor’s child’,” Mula told the court.

The former MCA acted as a mediator between Sharon and Obado, facilitating communication and negotiations between the two parties.

Mula testified that Obado did not deny having a relationship with Sharon. However, the witness stated that Obado expressed concern about the extravagant lifestyle and excessive demands that Sharon was making.

The witness said Obado offered Sharon a deal to construct a house valued at Sh3-4 million and also provide the necessary furnishings. This deal was agreed upon by Sharon.

“We agreed that we look for land costing about Sh800,000 so that the governor buys the plot and builds her the house,” Mula said, adding that the plan was to be done in August 2018.

The witness testified that there was a meeting where he, Sharon, and Oyamo were present. During this meeting, Sharon received the sum of Sh200,000 for her prenatal care. However, at a later point, Sharon requested that Mula distances himself from the matter.

“She told me she was going to meet Oyamo in Rongo to get some money for her upkeep, I told her it’s Okay.”

The witness was able to positively identify Oyamo, who was present in court. However, the witness could not recall the individual who accompanied Oyamo during their meetings.

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