How Rapudo Knew Amber Ray Was the Right Woman For Him

July 14, 2023

Kennedy Rapudo recently opened up about his love affair with the popular social media personality Amber Ray, revealing how he knew that she was the right person for him.

In an interview with SPM Buzz on Tuesday, the businessman was full of praise for Amber Ray saying she is a caring woman who never pressures him with unreasonable demands.

“I think she is a caring woman. she never gave me any pressure. hapa nje utapata dem amekueka na pressure mingi oh nifanyie hii, but Amber Ray was there for love. So I realized she is the right person for me,” Rapudo said.

He also shrugged off claims that Amber Ray is with him for his money.

“At the end of the day, we just walk like our lives and we are ok with that. Everyone is welcome to have their own opinion after all it is your opinion, not ours,” he said.

Rapudo went on to list some of the things he loves about Amber Ray.

“There are so many virtues I like about her. Number one she is a God-sent wife. When I say wife it comes with a lot of things. She’s caring and a very prayerful person… Our family has stood the test of time because of her,” he said.

Adding: “Remember when we met, Kenyans gave us an ultimatum, wakasema it won’t be more than 2 weeks. Then it got to a month, before the elections, hapa ni wapi? we are still here. Hapa ni wapi?”

Rapudo also spoke about their wedding plans saying it will come as a surprise.

“It will be very private. And maybe you wont even know about it, you’ll just realize that we are married… few friends and family and that’s it,” he said.

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